Back Scrubber Mothers Day Special - April 2018

Item #: BP0140
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Mothers Day Special!

The dual-handle Back Scrubber pulls double duty to clean and mildly exfoliate those hard-to-reach places without the strain of twisting and turning to reveal your best skin possible. Your skin will look silky soft and more radiant, and feel smoother and rejuvenated after one shower. Great for neck, shoulders and feet, too.

For men and women.
13cm x 65cm 


Do you feel like a contortionist when trying to clean and exfoliate the skin on your back? So you think, “Out of sight, out of mind. Nobody is going to see it.” You’ll just live with the rough, dry skin and uneven skin tone.


Get smoother skin while experiencing a spa-like treatment at home! Rejuvenate and clean your skin with our easy-to-use, mildly exfoliating Back Scrubber with BacLock®* technology.