Cutting Board, small

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Moulded from natural Rice Husks, the Norwex Cutting Board is the essential kitchen tool! It’s made from biodegradable materials, it’s easy to clean, and has an extremely durable composition to protect your benches from knife damage. It’s a great alternative to plastic cutting boards and features a silicone grip ring beneath the board to keep it in place while you safely cut and prepare your food.
Size: 35cm x 25cm


You want to safely prepare your fruits, meats and vegetables but plastic boards stain quickly, dull your knives and can be pierced and scuffed easily, allowing your board to potentially harbour dangerous bacteria. Standard wood boards are often difficult to maintain, and they can't go in the dishwasher.


Reduce your plastic use and recycle your old, plastic cutting board - instead, use the new Norwex Cutting Board and conveniently cut, chop, slice and dice your way to a delicious meal, every time!

Free From:

  • Toxic by-products
  • Harmful substances such as melamine
  • Heavy metals
  • BPA-free

1 year warranty