Kids Dust Mitt

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With its thick, terrycloth-like texture; dense, plush fibres and unique mitt design, the Kids Dust Mitt attracts and holds dust, just like Mummy’s!

Bright green with sunshine yellow trim.

19cm x 15cm 


Avoiding chemicals in this world isn’t easy. But a great place to start is in the home. And when we teach our children to follow our lead by saying “no” to chemicals, we can all enjoy a better quality of life as our planet becomes a little cleaner and more chemical-free, one family at a time.


Help kids understand the importance of reducing chemicals in the home using Norwex Kids Cloths. Sized to comfortably fit small hands, our Kids microfibre products are brightly coloured and fun to use. Plus, they’re the same great quality as our adult-sized versions - and every bit as effective against dirt and grime!