About Norwex

Norwex is committed to radically reducing chemicals in our homes to promote the health of your family and of the environment. More than ever we feel the need to emphasize the positive environmental impact of reducing chemical use throughout the home and creating safe havens around the globe.

During the past several hundred years, human activity has significantly altered our global environment, and the negative effects of this are becoming alarmingly clear. No longer can we ignore the warning signs from nature. This trend can be changed if we all work together and take honest responsibility for our planet. It is a fact, household pollutants impact our environment. A radical reduction in the use of chemicals is an important step to improve the health of our planet and our quality of life.

The Norwex corporate vision for our products reaches far beyond the limited horizon of just making a profit; we are striving for a better quality of life for present and future generations. Our deep central theme is reverence for the value and beauty of all life on a healthy planet. Join us in our effort to improve quality of life in a profound way!

  • Norwex "clean without chemicals" was birthed in Norway in 1994, soon after microfiber was first manufactured in Sweden.
  • Norwex enters the home party market in Norway in 1995 and the business grows quickly.
  • Norwex expands to Canada and the United States in the Spring of 1999 and experiences great success and growth.
  • The business and product line expands to include personal care without chemicals.
  • The company expands into Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in 2004 and in 2008 into Australia.
  • Our Newly expanded mission is launched, to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.
  • Norwex has achieved a milestone of exceeding 60,000 consultants world-wide.

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